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Love Engineering, Love Sharing. 


Current Interest:

Trying to get familiar with PIC micro-controller before this summer. At least finish reading its datasheet and have a general picture about its internal architecture. 

I have always wanted to learn more about hard real-time signal processing. The MATLAB course I took in the freshman year would give me much confidence in its environment. Hopefully I would be able to complete a sound station project in the near future. 

Trying to migrate from Altium to Cadence design environment. I will be completing an online course on FEDEVEL Academy soon!

Random Collision Algorithm

Step animation of Brownian motion in C++.



The pocket drone, smaller than the size of a hand, is a auto-stabilizing system composed of a central microcontroller with different peripheral sensors.  Finishing up hardware debugging and a deep-end learning of STM32 programming, I am now studying and trying to apply more complicated cascade PID control and Butterworth algorithm. 


geomagnetism angle measurement, gyroscope, accelerator, pressure sensor, nRF transceiver, and power management units, PID control

The software is able to detect, record, and plot serial port data flow from Ark Pocket Drone. Parameters read from gyroscope, compass and accelerators will be plotted, displayed on LCD tab. 3D object widget and the compass radar allows user to visualize inertial motion.

Periodically, data packets are sent back to UCSB CSIL server in Excel file. Running checkMody script automatically checks file modification periodically and sends to user email address with file attached if file has been changed. The goal of developing this project is to facilitate data management in systematic tests.

ST-Link/V2 is an open source in-circuit debugger by STMicroelectronics. I customized my own version with more convenient order of JTAG pin placement and PCB layout for easier soldering. You may do your own font design and more add-ons. Click to learn more.

STM32F103VET6 Eval Board

The board is designed for beginners to study ARM Cortex-M3 architecture, specifically the STM32 microcontroller.

It includes an JTAG debugger connector, one 3 Axis Accelerometer Gyroscope device, a touchpad, LEDs, push-buttons, backup battery seat and an USB OTG micro-AB connector.


8080 Series Parallel Interface standard

The adder circuit performs 8-bit binary addition based on combination of basic logic gates–those purely composed of NPN BJTs and resistors. 

Automatic Coin Detection, Sorting, Counting Machine with Arduino Kit

  The goal is to design and build an effective and automated coin sorting machine based on peripheral sensors and control circuits. The machine is a demonstration of mechanism sorting symmetrical mechanical parts in a process similar to an assembly line. All circuits, mechanical parts built by hand in four weeks.

IC Package Design


SHANGHAI·Back in high school

Automatic Particulate Matter Monitoring&Precipitating System Based on Dielectric Barrier Discharge

  According to WHO, world health organization, “Approximately 3% of cardiopulmonary and 5% of lung cancer deaths are attributable to PM globally.” “PM2.5 (particles less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter) can penetrate deeply into the lung, irritate and corrode the alveolar wall, and consequently impair lung function.” [1]……

……The high dc potential in the air is said to be “dielectric barrier discharge”, that is, corona ionizing the air with two electrodes separate from each other. [15] There are air cleaners applying air ionizing technology as its mechanism of air purifying. …..

The goal of such project is to design, engineer, and test an automatic air purifying device which automatically detects inhalable particulate matters(PM2.5) , intervenes, cleans, and reports to a main server through SMTP portal. Such system(mentioned at application section) would be able to attach to our Air-conditioning in hospitals, domestics, schools and many of other public places of work.

First place in senior group in SUIS cross-campus science fair, 2017. 



PM2.5 particles precipitation, SMTP, statistics T-test on sample, MCS8051 MCU, Raspberry Pi.  

WeChat Image_20180824225529
附件二: 基于MCS51微处理器的全自动空气污染物探测、互联网报警、清洁系统

Earlier Projects

These are clips of small projects/ experiments I did in earlier years. I started reading about electronics DIYs about five years ago and by doing these small experiments on some of the features I did learn a lot. Apology that I am not able to provide detailed explanations for these clips were recorded long time ago. 

Four-Stage Electromagtic Rail (Ampere Force)

LED Segment Display

Infrared Remote (NEC)

TFT Display with MSP430

Robot Arm

TRIAC controlled by Photoelectric Switch

Toggle LED

Infrared Sensing

1602 Clock

12864 LCD Display

Stepper Motor Speed Control

PWM Generation

Heating Cord

An experiment I did for 2015 Science Fair-- "Stimulation of Plant Growth by Means of Low Voltage Electric Shock Application." Applying weak electric field to the growth environment affects positive growth stimulation in early windows of plants. This has been proved on plants like Vigna angularis and Chrysanthemum coronarium. I wrote statistical report (t-test) on growth progress of turips (Brassica rapa L.) with comparison between the effect of applying 50Hz AC, DC and 50Hz pulse simulation. This earns me the first place in 2015 SUIS cross-campus Science Fair Innovation.

Luyao Han

Electrical Engineering, Junior Standing




Automatic Coin Detection, Sorting, Counting Machine with Arduino Kit


SUIS 2017 Cross Campus Science Fair Innovation First Place

Automatic Particulate Matter
Monitoring&Precipitating System Based on Dielectric Barrier Discharge


The World Scholar’s Cup Competition, Global Round“ -Best Da Vinci"

Honor Medal – Champion Scholars / Honor Medal – Top Debate Teams /16th Place – Champion Debaters

SUIS 2016 Cross Campus Science Fair Innovation First Place

Stimulation of Plant Growth by Means of Low Voltage Electric Shock Application


Autodesk Running-For-Future Bootcamp, Second award

Hydrogen-powered Car Model Design- Chasis part; Smart Versatile Storage Box Design  

About Me

19. International student currently enrolled in UC Santa Barbara electrical and computer engineering department. Two minors in history and music. 

Courses taking includes Foundations of Analog and Digital Circuits and Systems, Foundations of Logic Design, Vector Calculus with Applications, Fundamentals with Computer Science, Introductory Concepts in Mechanical Engineering. 

Good at Mandarin and English. Learning Japanese.


2017 -Present



Shanghai United International School, Wanyuan


PCB Layout Design (Altium 2- sided FR-4) 64%
WordPress 61%
C/C++ programming 85%
SolidWorks 41%
QT 59%
Linux 22%


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